Moe Penders

Autumn Hayes: The Catwoman Within
Ajay Ramachandran: Achebe to Zwiren
Sherril White: A Tribute to Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks
Onnyx Bei: Punishable By Death*
Karla Fuentes: Trash Doll
Autumn Hayes: Passing*
Akosua Nsowah: From Gold to Stones
Onnyx Bei: Through the Shunan Bamboo
Autumn Hayes: Parallel
Brittany Bassett: During the Silent Moments of War
Autumn Hayes: We Don’t
Onnyx Bei: Muse
LaShuandra Jackson: Tamar’s Story*
Carrae Lanes: I Shall Remain Nameless
Catarina Williams: School Nights

* Winners of Fall 2011 Midtown Writing Contest
Archives: Fall 2011.

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