Open letter to studying

Cristina Martinez (3rd place. Creative nonfiction. Fall 2011 Writing Contest)
During our time together I have come to understand why so many students don’t dedicate their weekends to you, unless they have an exam coming up. Sure they would learn more, and better understand the material covered in class, but who cares.

Untitled by Isaac Reyes

I want to learn, really I do, but sometimes it’s more fun when I’m rushed. It’s more fun when it’s last minute and there’s more pressure involved. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to get by. I lie to myself and to you. I lie so often that I believe the untruths. Really, I don’t like procrastinating and I don’t like the pressure. It’s just… Well, it’s just that you’re so not fun. You’re so time consuming and bleak most days. I’m not sorry.
To study just for the sake of studying is madness, yet I do it anyway. I don’t like you and you probably never liked me, considering all the endless nights you held me hostage. Yet I continue to return to your open and willing arms. I need you more than you will ever need me, but I really don’t like you, at least not on the weekends when the parties are lively and the music is loud.
Tonight is all mine, but I’ll see you in the morning.

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