The voyage home

Jason Pastora

As you wake up and see the sun, you thank God for blessing you with yet another day; to be alive, to enjoy that life, and for giving you the opportunity to experience new journeys ahead.

Seizing the opportunity offered by the new day, you jump on a boat, ready to set sail, looking forward to life’s next adventure, leaving behind you a past that ran your soul slowly over the dull edge of Hell’s bitter sword.

In the midst of a battle, where it has been said that all is fair, you find that you must harden your heart and fight fire with fire to keep from getting burned. You start to believe that all is indeed fair and Evil begets Evil, and in order to emerge from this war victorious, or at best without casualties, you justify using evil as a weapon.

As you are struck, you strike back, exacting revenge with every blow. Screaming in despair, crying for life with each breath. You stand, cradling your bleeding heart within your chest, trying with all your might to protect it. And you swear on the brick wall you built around it, to protect it. You manage to protect it by not exposing it to any other damaging hands.

It is over now. The war has ended. You claim victory. You stand back to bask in your enemy’s defeat. Your mind is exceptionally clear and the recent battle fades almost instantly from memory and you find yourself thinking only of the new journeys ahead, journeys that will, you hope, lead you to brighter horizons where you, if fate smiles on you, will find the perfect first mate to help you navigate the rough waters of life’s eternal voyage.

Still Life Blues by Heather Amos

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Archives: Fall 2010.

1 Response to The voyage home

  1. Jimmie Lilly says:

    Mr. Jason Pastora subject The voyage home, sounds like a fantasy or dream place that was built by hand. He was given another chance to give thanks to God for seeing another day, that was not promised, but he was able to see that day when he sailed into what he dreamed, as he battled life challenges in an evil world. Through it all he was able to over come the struggles of life when someone dearly step in and delivered him through it all. Great writing by Mr. Pastora.

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