The Tenant

Katarzyna Suchodolska

There is a lizard living in my room.
I could make a poem out of that,
Projecting a solitude of a frightened animal
To myself, trapped in my own isolation
(remember to use big pathetic words, such as)
Seclusion Nostalgia Longing to belonging
Of a little creature lost in the hostile
Environment of cables and crumbles.

Or make a short story
(the lizard can easily become
A super hero or maybe an alien queen)
With a distinctive voice and vivid descriptions,
A parody of the human condition,
Or a modern fairy tale with an important moral
That reptiles are smarter than people, who knew.

But there is a lizard living in my room,
And honestly, that’s all I have to say.

The Pretty Turtles by Xuan-Nhan Cornett

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Archives: Fall 2010.

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