Tears for Two

Brittany Johnson (1st place. Poetry. Fall 2010 Writing Contest)

I have two lovers–
Sunshine and Moonlight.
I awaken at the touch of one
and dream in the arms of another.

I have two lovers.
Neither of them can know what I have done
fear that they will both
leave and forsake
all they have to offer.

Could my love disturb these two?
Disconnect with the stars in sky.
Discord with the sun and the moon
refuse them both to shine.

365 Madness by Clifton Forbes

My love did this.

My tears
like rain.
No sun
No moon
What have I done?

I had two lovers
And now,
I have none.
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Archives: Fall 2010.

3 Responses to Tears for Two

  1. angela washington says:

    wow i really can relate to this beautiful poem i fell the love and the pain i feel not alone anymore

  2. Gabrielle Strange says:

    I like this poem. I don’t know if I fully understand it, but from what I do understand I like. I love the introduction. Is the moon and sun symbols for something else?

  3. Jimmie Lilly says:

    I like Ms. Brittany Johnson subject Tears for Two. It reminds me to be thankful that there was someone who loves us so much he placed light in the sky so that we can see. What makes this poetry so awesome is that there was light to rule the night and light to rule the morning. Without these two lights life will not be tears for two it would be tears of sadness.

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