She is sloppy like deep kisses

Xuan-Nhan Cornett

Plastic Domination by Mary E. Gonzalez

She is sloppy like deep kisses
A graceful antithesis
Of morning duties and 9 to 5 jobs

She lives among midnight corrosion
Existing along lines of right and wrong
That break into light, now a prisma of colors

And she is surely a colorful being
If you have not seen her you’re missing out
She has been your dream girl
powder soft and distant
Reminiscent of a teenage wet dream and naughty Lolita stories

She has been your whore,
Your unrequited love
Your devoted lover
Your plastic thing, an elusive being
She is dancing on crumbling columns of fairy stories
And forest moons

But she is a woman, forged in a war torn womb
Strong as riptides she is never taken
She is a current that you want to be on

She is the current that you want to be on
previous.                                                                                     next.
Archives: Fall 2010.

1 Response to She is sloppy like deep kisses

  1. Ashlee Robinson says:

    The poem starts off in one direction and surprisingly ends totally different than I had imagined. It sound like having a teenage crush and not being courageous enough to tell the other person, and in the end they slip away.

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