Just a Friend

Matt Bui

Thoughts of Marvell, Thelonious, and physiology were not
Alone in the consumption of my mind.
Since Her departure, I still search for the whereabouts
Of confidence that I’ve yet to find.
Pandora’s seems in sync with the music that beats accordingly to the speakers,
Old lyrics from old songs disrupt the cognitive process with thoughts that are of her.

She’s been quickly rowing through the motions, with no signs on stopping to speak,
Left, I’m wading knee deep in faint memories of times she frequented by my creek.
No, it’s not tearing up my heart, though even Timberlake feels it too,
He’s aware when we are apart; the water becomes smoother for you.

A puff from Wade,
Taken in hopes I can bank off a shot that will get my mind right,
Seeking out relief,
I beg the Talents of South Beach to relinquish me of this marooned plight.
Dwayne and the Heat launch this soul into my mind’s fictional sky,
Soaring with the foolish belief that Mary Jane could wipe a single tear from my eye.

Amongst the clouds, sitting comfortably third row on the pineapple express
Fleeing to where fantasy football and Texans’ losses are all deeply repressed.
I gotta testify, avoiding the Fiasco I would Touch the Sky
The clouded mind had me too distracted to tell an old good friend good-bye.

You’ve found the cork to plug the hole I put in your shell,
A hole reminiscent of the one I left in your heart as well.
Time, my nemesis, yet my mistress, teaches me lessons of patience
How easily silly feelings affected the life, oh goodness Gracious
The mind replays honeymoon conversations from times with an old friend,
But somehow my fingers get stuck on pressing send.

But as time passes my mind matures with things as they seem,
Well aware this is neither inception, nor Katy’s Teenage Dreams.
I asked Chill Bill what he would do in my enlightened position,
Without hesitation he replies, “Live life like the Situation.”
This wasn’t the answer I exactly had in mind,
So patiently I wait for another with whom my heart can align.

Amigo con nada que hacer by Violeta Arroyo

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Archives: Fall 2010.

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