Cracking Open

Xuan-Nhan Cornett (3rd place. Poetry. Fall 2010 Writing Contest)

Cracking open
The yoke spills, red as blood, real as dirt, I am trying to meet you in the outer space of this reality
And I am foreign as hell, and there is no whisky to drink and there are no men to fantasize about
And I am not in the free space of nature to run naked as I like across the horizons
My mind is scrimping, and twisting around, I am uncomfortable dammit!
I am not free
But I am Vietnamese, and I am American and my heart runs as wild and fluid as it likes
It is not constrained by traditions it’s wiser for it
It is not listless and scattered, it’s wild and true
It is not cultureless; it is spilling over with the colors of my spirit
The hues contrasting and complementing the endless energy the universe provides
Vietnam, embrace me and care for me, you are new to me
And I am new to you
But we are family and I am you granddaughter
And we have always known each other

Second Skin Self Portrait by Leif Gallagher

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