When Pandora Fell in Love with Narcissus

Marcus Lewis

Narcissus by Martin Saucedo

She swore she would never open up to me. I gave her the moon and the sky. I gave her all I had of me and all she did was make me cry. She left me here to die. I never knew how she could let me go. I gave her the light to my life and I poured her my soul. I was something she could hold on to but I don’t know why she let me go. I lost my mind in the pursuit of happiness. She laughed as if it was a joke. I told her I wanted to love her forever. She said, at least you want something. Now I want to drown her in all of my sorrows. The object of my affection is the reflection in the mirror. She’s so mysterious that my vision of her isn’t clearer. Now I’m the darkness that her light needs to shine. She can never be her own star because she has mine. I didn’t mean to open it; I thought the addiction would stop. I didn’t know I would find myself locked inside your heart-shaped box. I swore I would never open up to you. I gave you the sun then I gave you the moon. I gave you all I had and I gave you some more. I gave you myself because I found myself in you, Pandora.
Archives: Fall 2010.

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